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Oveeliya Arnora
black classic tabby
Breeder: Marlena Kosmowska, POL

Dez 2021
Dr. Stefan Miedler


Double Grand Champion

Veeli is a long cherished dream came true - a dark classic tabby girl, who i didn't search for, but who happend all of a sudden ;) It was love at first sight - I got her picture and was 100% sure about her.


Because Pepps had to be neutered after an emergency C-section, Oveeliya will hopefully step into the huge footprints of my legendary tortie-queen. 

With her friendly and lovely temper she stole my heart right away. I look forward to sharing my life with her and I am very curious about what the future holds for both of us :)

3rd Best Norwegian Forest Kitten Europe South 2021/2022

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