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Dez 2021
Dr. Stefan Miedler

Supreme Grand Champion
Beaver Bobcats Archimedes
* 24.08.2017
black and white

Regional Winner '20
International Winner '19
Regional Winner '18

Lifetime Achievement Winner 

When I look back to the day Archie was born, i still can't believe we've made it. Born without any vital signs, a birth weight of only 75 grams - but bravely fighting his way back into life. He needed hand-feeding and intensive care 24/7 and although we had many sleepless nights and desperate days - we never lost hope. I can't describe properly how happy I am to still have my little Prince with me. 

His amazing character - calm and relaxed at show, cuddly and playful at home - makes him an incredible balanced cat.

Archie is a huge fan of spending nights at hotels, where he inspects every room accurately. It is so much fun being on the road with him and traveling the world - he definitely is a born showman ;)

Best CAT Austia 2021/2022

11th Best CAT - Europe South 2021/2022

Best Norwegian Forest - Europe South 2021/2022

3rd Best Norwegian Forest - International 2021/2022

Best CAT Austia 2019/2020

6th Best CAT - Europe South 2019/2020

Best Norwegian Forest - Europe South 2019/2020

3rd Best Norwegian Forest - International 2019/2020

24th Best Longhair Cat - International 2019/2020

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